About us

At Canopy Coffee

We believe that a great cup of coffee can do more than just wake you up in the morning! We are a company led by two women educators and entrepreneurs who are passionate about coffee, ecology and birds. We are committed to making a positive impact in the world!

We source only the highest quality arabica coffee beans

from certified Organic, Fair-trade, Rainforest AllianceⓇ and Smithsonian Bird FriendlyⓇ farms, to ensure farmers are paid fairly and that their coffee is shade grown under rainforest canopies. Our beans are then carefully roasted in small batches by our certified organic Master Roaster who shares our commitment to quality and ethical practices.

We are not just a coffee company.

We also share a passion for birds, biodiversity, and the regenerative ecology movement. That's why buying our coffee supports the regeneration of forest canopies in coffee growing regions, which are the habitat for songbirds that winter in Mexico, Central and South America.

We are committed to supporting the conservation of North America's beautiful and diverse bird species. That's why we donate a portion of our sales to organizations that work to protect and conserve the habitat of birds that breed in North America.

At Canopy Coffee we believe that every cup of coffee can make a difference. By choosing our coffee, you are not only treating yourself to a delicious and ethical cup of coffee, but you are also making a positive impact on the environment, the coffee farmers who grow our beans and beautiful songbirds.

Join us on our mission

To save migratory songbirds one cup at a time!

Experience the Pure Essence of

Canopy Shade Grown Organic Single Origin Coffees

Are you ready to embark on a sensory journey that captures the true essence of coffee? Canopy Coffee is your gateway to the world of extraordinary aromas and flavors. We meticulously curate the most authentic tasting organic single origin coffees. At Canopy Coffee, our commitment to quality goes beyond the ordinary. We dedicate ourselves to rigorous research, ensuring that we only select farms practicing organic regenerative agroforestry that are committed to rebuilding the Rainforest, enriching soil and improving biodiversity. This sustainable approach not only enhances the health and richness of the soil but also elevates the aromas, flavors and health profiles of our coffee beans to unparalleled heights! The result? A symphony of exquisite aromas and flavor profiles that will transport you to coffee nirvana with every sip!

Our commitment to a clean healthy product led us to create a coffee that is not only a treat for your taste buds but also gentle on your gut. Canopy Coffee organic arabica beans are entirely free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, low in acidity, and full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals ensuring that you can enjoy your coffee with peace of mind, knowing that you're making a choice that benefits both your body and the environment.

Did you know that North American songbirds winter in the Rainforest Canopies of coffee plantations? At Canopy Coffee, we understand the interconnectedness of ecosystems and the vital role songbirds play in maintaining biodiversity. That's why we go the extra mile to choose coffee plantations that provide a haven for these remarkable creatures during their winter migration. We proudly curate beans farmed on certified Rainforest Alliance and Smithsonian Bird Friendly farms that are committed to regenerating rainforest canopies in the breathtaking landscapes of Central and South America. By supporting our carefully selected farms, you actively contribute healthy songbird habitats and ensure their well-being throughout the year.

Each sip of Canopy Coffee takes you on a sensory journey, allowing you to savor the unique characteristics of our meticulously sourced beans. The beans are roasted in small batches using traditional artisanal methods by our certified organic roaster to achieve the optimum taste from each bean. When you choose Canopy Coffee, you can experience these flavors with a sense of purpose, knowing that your purchase supports the healthy habitats of migratory songbirds and makes a positive impact on sustainable Rainforests and coffee farming communities.

Choose Canopy Coffee

Where exquisite taste and environmental stewardship unite.

Regenerative Agroforestry

A sustainable farming method that builds rainforest canopies and encourages biodiversity.

Regenerative agroforestry is based on principles and practices that increase biodiversity, enrich soils, improve water catchment and enhance nutrient cycling. Regenerative coffee farmers work with nature drawing from holistic, organic, agroecological management methods, to capture carbon in soil and above-ground biomass. Increased yields, lower input costs, resilience to climate instability, increased biodiversity, and healthier ecosystems are desired outcomes.

At Canopy Coffee, a regenerative approach goes beyond rainforest conservation and environmental sustainability. Those who engage in a regenerative process also seek to foster thriving farming and coffee-growing communities, cultivate local food systems that benefit all, and rebuild functional landscapes that generate rural enterprise.